[132] HP Compaq 19V 4.74A Campatible Adapter


HP Compaq 19V 4.74A Campatible Adapter

InfoCompaq Business Notebook n1050v Series: DC749A DC750A DC751A DJ105S DJ106S DC767T DC768T DC769T DC770T DD152T DD153T DD154S DE236S DE237S DJ156S ?HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9000 series: DF981A DF982A DF984A DF985A DF986A DF987A DG211A DG212A DG213A DG214A DG223T DG224T DG225T DG672A DG673A DG674A DG675A DG676A DG677A DG678A DG679A DG856A DG857A DG862A DG863A DG864A DG865A DG866A DG868A DG869A DG870A DG871A DG872A DG873A DG874A DG875A DG876A DG877A DG878A DG879A DG880A DG881A DG882A DG883A DG884A DG885A DJ131S DJ144S DJ150S DJ158S DJ160S DJ166S DJ167S DJ168S DJ170S DJ171S DJ174S DK452A DK453A DK787A DK788A DK789A DK790A DK938A DK939A DL015P DL016P DL040P DL198P DL199P DL212P DL930A DL932A DL933A DL934A DL935A DM307P DM308P DM309P DM310P DM311P DM316P DM317P DM318P DM325P DM556A DM643A • ?HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 series: DG072A DG073A DG074A DG075A DG076A DG077A DG078A DG231A DG232A DG233A DG234A DG235A DG236A DG237A DG238A DG239A DG240T DG241T DG242T DG243T DG638A DG639A DG640A DG641A DG642A DG643A DG644A DG645A DG646A DG647A DG887A DG890A DG891A DG893A DG895A DG897A DG900A DG901A DG902A DG903A DG904A DG905A DG906A DG907A DG908A DG909A DG910A DG911A DH902A DH903A DJ123A DJ123T DJ124A DJ124T DJ157S DJ162A DJ162T DJ172S DK444A DK445A DK770A DK771A DK772A DK940A DL039P DL141A DL438A DL800A DL801A DL802A DL803A • ?HP Pavilion D Series: DA720AV DA723AV DA726AV DA731AV DA732AV DB385A DB386A DB395A DB396A DB397A DB399A DB953A DB385AR DB386AR DB953AR DC590A DC591A DC592A DC594A DC597A DC600A DC601A DC602A DC603A DC604A C671A DC672A DC673A DC709A DC714A DC752A DC753A DC762A DC763A DC820A DC950A DC958A DC964A DC965A DC966A DC968A DC975A DC976A DC978A DC590AR DC591AR DC592AR DC602AR DC671AR DC672AR DC673AR DC753AR DC762AR DC958AR DC978AR DC603AR DC950AR DC964AR DC965AR DC966AR DC967AR C968AR DC975AR DC976AR DC945AV DD507A DE234A DE861A DE862A DE863A DE864A DE861AR DE862AR DE863AR DE874A DF567A DF569A DF762A DF809A DF834A DF835A DF836A DF861A DF862A DF964A DF762AR DF835AR DF836AR DF861AR DG018A DG020A DG023A DG024A DG070A DK564A DK565A DK566A DK567A DK569A DK570A DK581A DK582A DK583A DK593A DK595A DK941A DK564AR DK565AR DK566AR DK567AR DK569AR DK570AR DK581AR DK582AR DK583AR DK941AR DL223A DL389A DL390A DL404A DL821A DL389AR DL390AR DL821AR DL682AV DL683AV DM429A DM430A DM431A DM432A DM654A DM655A DM656A DM657A DM957A DM958A DM959A DM960A DM997A DM998A DN837A • ?HP Omnibook XT Series: XT276 XT375 XT412 XT4345QV XT5300 XT5366WM XT537QV XT545 XT5477WM XT595 • ?HP Omnibook ZE Series: ZE4100 ZE4115 ZE4125 ZE4145 ZE4200 ZE4220 ZE4230 ZE4236 ZE42240 ZE4315CA ZE4315US ZE4325CA ZE4325US ZE4335US ZE4365US ZE4401 ZE4402 ZE4420 ZE4430 ZE4455EA ZE5155 ZE5170 ZE5185 ZE5200 ZE5279 ZE5300 ZE5395US ZE5478CL ZE5490US • ?HP Omnibook ZT Series: ZT1000 Pavilion Notebooks: xf255: F5190A F5190HR F5190H F5183HR F5183H xf335: F5418HR F5418H F5419HR F5419H F5913HR F5913H F5420HR F5420H xt412: F5861HR F5861H F5855HR F5855H F5856HR F5856H F5871HR F5871H xz168: F5543HR F5543H F5554HR F5554H F5541HR F5541H F5548HR F5548H xz295: F3397HR F3397H F3400HR F3400H xz355: F5540HR F5540H F3451HR F3451H ze1115: F3414HR F3414H ze1250: F5421HR F5421H F5422HR F5422H F5398HR F5398H F5399HR F5399H F5400HR F5400H ze4101: F5695AV F4902HR F4902H ze4111s: F5859HR F5859H F5874H F5872H F5873HR F5873H ze4115: F4903HR F4903H ze4123: F5869HR F5869H F5878HG F5879HG ze4125: F4892HR F4892H ze4140: F5870HR F5870H F5875HR F5875H F5868H ze4145: F4893HR F4893H zt1000-IC BTCO Base Unit: F5097AV F5098AV zt1000-ID BTCO Base Unit: F5100AV F5484AV zt1195: F3398HR F3398H F3437H F3394HR F3394H F3438H F3399HR F3399H F3439H F3395HR F3395H

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